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Transformers used to look like this. Ad blocker interference detected! Sari and her new friend helped Bumblebee track down the others and defeat Crush-A , a clearance 'bot Megatron was using to try to obtain the AllSpark.

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Sari concluded that it would be too long and set up a trap for the two invaders, using three barrels of oil to trip them up and the plant's assembly line to knock them around for a while, forcing Mixmaster and Scrapper to flee. The next morning, she wasn't happy to receive another Sound Wave toy from her father, given what had happened with the last one , and was further disappointed when she was given a motor scooter rather than a car

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Crossing her arms over herself, attempting to hide When Bumblebee wanted to join the races to compete against a mysterious blue car, Sari came along with him.

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But Sari's idea of a camping trip was based off what she had seen on television and movies, and she was woefully unprepared for the real experience. Megatron Rising - Part 2.

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Sari Sumdac

The races were also illegal, as the Autobots found out from Fanzone. Cancel Go to Site. The Return of Blurr Sari gave the Blurr cube to Cliffjumper, and accompanied her Autobot buddies to the latest performance of Team Stunticon , where she and her friends were honored with a special box seat. Sari amused herself after settling in with the Autobots by hooking up illegal satellite TV, which she used to watch pay-per-view races. As the war with the Decepticons began to draw to its conclusion, Sari used another power that's beginning to be a habit to communicate with a jetpack that Ratchet was building for Prime and know that it needed a microaerator in the fuel line.

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  1. At first Sari sulked at her situation, before realizing that she was completely alone in the base and did what any eight-year-old kid would do in an abandoned factory: